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Luxury men’s resort wear brand Orlebar Brown has collaborated with Australian racing driver Daniel Ricciardo on a new three-piece collection of swim shorts.

Known for combining luxurious fabrics with vibrant prints and colours, Orlebar Brown offers a full range of resort wear including shoes and accessories and has established a global reputation for their tailored approach to swimwear.

At 28 years old, and with an impressive 27 podium finishes, Ricciardo is favoured in the industry for his infectious smile and upbeat attitude.

On the limited-edition collection, he says, “I was inspired by places I’ve travelled mostly—they’ve left me with great memories. I live for the summer and it makes me happy on so many levels, so my swim shorts are genuinely some of my greatest pieces of clothing.” The collection uses Orlebar Brown’s classic Bulldog style and are given the Ricciardo treatment inspired by some of his favourite destinations; Monaco and Austin.

Now his home, Monaco hosts the most prestigious Grand Prix race so it was an essential choice for a photographic print swim short. Bulldog Texas, Daniel’s favourite, are illustrated with his inspirations and interests including his synonymous honey badger motif—harmless in appearance but ruthless when challenged—while Bulldog Pin-Up offer a tessellated graphic reminiscent of vintage Americana, street art and tattoo culture.

“Working with one of the most talented racing drivers Daniel Ricciardo was an instinctive choice; his sunny attitude encapsulates Orlebar Brown’s ‘Feel Summer’ mentality, and his favourite places resonate with us as destinations where our swim shorts are designed to be worn. The collection brings Daniel’s sense of fun to our swimwear offering.” Adam Brown, Founder

Limited run, available exclusively at Orlebar Brown online and in-store from 20th March 2018.

Priligy Buy Online Uk