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In 2015, Daniel got involved in an exciting new venture, when along with established Italian kart manufacturer Birel-ART, he set up Ricciardo Kart, his own range of go-karts. The Ricciardo Kart covers the full spectrum, from six year olds right up to the professional level. Daniel, whose own racing career began in karts, is involved in the technical development as well as coming up with the striking livery.

“The first year was a very interesting experience and I was impressed with how much karting has developed as a sport,” says Daniel. “It’s great to be involved, as it keeps me in touch with my racing roots and that’s a nice feeling. We run a factory team and in our first year, we showed some promise and for 2016 we have some great drivers as well as the right people on board and I feel it’s going to keep growing. It’s the competitive spirit in me that means I want to see my team do well and fighting at the front of the field. I feel a big part of it and whenever I go to see them, I get super jacked-up. What I really want to see this year is a Ricciardo Kart driver on the top step of the podium. In our first year, 2015, it was enough to be involved, but now I’m keen for Ricciardo Kart Racing to get that big win. That would make me very proud.”