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If you want to be successful at anything in life the primary thing is you have to enjoy it

Those were the words of the ever-smiling Daniel Ricciardo as he reflected on his breakthrough 2014 season with Red Bull Racing – a season which saw the affable Australian not only win his first Grand Prix (and two more) but also leave four-time world champion team mate Sebastian Vettel trailing in his wake.

Born in Perth in 1989, Ricciardo started karting aged just nine after finding a hero in Ayrton Senna. After working his way through the go-kart ranks, in 2005 he entered the Australian Formula Ford series and, although driving an uncompetitive car, made enough of an impression to secure a scholarship for the following season’s Formula BMW Asia championship.

Podiums 29
Race Wins 7
Pole Positions 3
Fastest Laps 13

Nationality Australian
Hometown Perth
Date of Birth 01/JUL/1989

Team Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Car Number 3