Día de los Muertos

Daniel got fully immersed in Mexican culture as he donned full ‘Día de los Muertos’ face paint at an event hosted by Puma in Mexico City last night. A few days before the Mexican Grand Prix, Daniel ‘defied death’ by performing tricks on a dirt bike in-front of a large audience at the Puma ‘El Oferendomo’ (dome of offerings), created in an abandoned shopping mall.

“The event was fun, it was something different; I got to do a bit of acrobatics or aerobatics, and also to be in character, trying to act serious!

It was a cool experience and I think it will turn out well. I love how they celebrate the Day of the Dead here. Death is such a negative thing around the world, but they manage to kick a positive into it, so that’s really cool and I respect that. It just goes to show you can find a positive in pretty much everything in life. Also, I got to ride a dirt bike for about 10 metres as well, so that kind of satisfied me!”