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Mexican GP

Monday, October 31st, 2016

“Obviously I’m happy to get the points and I think that means third for me in the Drivers’ Championship so I’m quite proud of that this year. Sure it would have been nice to get up on the podium and enjoy it but none the less that was the situation today. It was a fun race. Even though I was quite frustrated after the race with the incident and all that, I still had a lot of fun with that battle. And being the hunter at the end is so much more fun than driving around by yourself. The race came alive and obviously it became a bit spicy but it was a cool day. Sure I want to race and having penalties after the race isn’t ideal, but I did feel today that it was called for. I committed to the move and he squeezed me. Racing should be tough and l don’t expect being waved through but we talked about the moving under braking and that’s on paper now. The only thing I’m disappointed of is not to be in the stadium in that moment but the podium is still up so I’ll go and have a few photos with the guys.”

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Día de los Muertos

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Daniel got fully immersed in Mexican culture as he donned full ‘Día de los Muertos’ face paint at an event hosted by Puma in Mexico City last night. A few days before the Mexican Grand Prix, Daniel ‘defied death’ by performing tricks on a dirt bike in-front of a large audience at the Puma ‘El Oferendomo’ (dome of offerings), created in an abandoned shopping mall.

“The event was fun, it was something different; I got to do a bit of acrobatics or aerobatics, and also to be in character, trying to act serious!

It was a cool experience and I think it will turn out well. I love how they celebrate the Day of the Dead here. Death is such a negative thing around the world, but they manage to kick a positive into it, so that’s really cool and I respect that. It just goes to show you can find a positive in pretty much everything in life. Also, I got to ride a dirt bike for about 10 metres as well, so that kind of satisfied me!”

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Monday, October 24th, 2016

“In the beginning of the race the supersoft tyres helped me but the actual start I felt wasn’t really that much better than the Mercedes. Then I saw Nico going to the outside so it gave me an opportunity on the inside. Obviously I would have loved to have lead out of Turn 1 but second was good enough. I tried to stay with Lewis the first couple of laps but then his soft tyres were able to go a bit better. I think we were looking good for P2 but then the Virtual Safety Car didn’t work in our favour today. I’m not going to be too disappointed, it’s just cool to be on the podium here. I love coming here, the anthem was pretty awesome before the race, I had goosebumps, I’m not gonna lie, and then the podium after was great. It’s another big bag of points and we at least had Nico’s pace so that’s encouraging and we’ll try and do what we can in the next few days. Obviously Max and Kimi had their misfortunes today so it was just me and Seb out there, but we still gained a little bit on Ferrari so we’re looking good. We’ll try and keep going like this and get on the podiums for the last few races.”

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2016 Texas Racer – Austin

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Following more success in the 2016 season, Daniel took some time out in Texas working as a farm hand. Ahead of the race in Austin, Ricciardo sported shoes decked out in stars and stripes and gave his Texan-Antipodean thoughts on life on the ranch – swerving media questions regarding the upcoming presidential election – staying focussed on the race ahead. Yessir.

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Japanese GP

Monday, October 10th, 2016

“Today wasn’t a very exciting race for me, and unfortunately it just wasn’t my day. Kimi’s (Raikkonen) penalty was a bit of a bummer for us as it put us on the wet side of the grid and that compromised the start. I don’t think my launch was too bad but Lewis obviously struggled to get off the line and I had to go around him through the wet and that made me lose a place to Sergio (Perez). Seb (Vettel) had a good exit out of Turn 14 and made quick work of me on the straight, then he caught Perez quickly as well. That sort of shaped the first stint for me. We struggled to stay close to the cars in front as we couldn’t follow them in the dirty air, and we didn’t have the straight line speed to make an attack. We struggled in the traffic and fell behind the eight ball. In the final stint towards the end I had a clear track and I was able put in some good laps but it wasn’t enough. I’m not going to get too down about it. I didn’t think there was anything else we could have done today, it was just circumstances and how the race panned out. We’ll come back in Austin ready to have a good weekend on track and also eat plenty of barbeque. I’m going to diet for the next few days so I arrive lighter in Austin and can enjoy the local food!”

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Kaido Racer, Japan

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

When Daniel met Red Bull Japan he took the wheel of a Kaido Racer, a car that epitomises Japanese car culture. Daniel and his Red Bull Racing teammate cruised around Tokyo in the unique model, attracted a lot of attention, and got to see the amazing city from a different perspective.

“It’s pretty cool. It’s low! Every bump I’m scared, but it’s really nice and we have some good beats going so I feel like it’s setting the trend.

“We’re getting a lot of looks and the chicks love it.”

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Malaysian GP

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

“What a day, I’m feeling a bit emotional and overwhelmed! It’s been a long time between drinks! A couple of weeks ago I said we’d win a race this year but to be honest I didn’t expect a win to come at this circuit. This is probably the sweatiest race to win and do a shoey, but for me it’s not so bad, I felt a bit sorry for the others though having to drink from my shoe, but the crowd was encouraging me! We had an opportunity today that we needed to capitalise on and I was determined to not let it go. We had a good battle with Max, he is a hard racer and we have that in common. We fought hard and aggressive but I think we showed we can push to the limit but still keep it on the track. We had a fair and clean fight and I think we both enjoyed it. My tyres were a little more tired than his but I was going to hold him off as long as I could. When the Virtual Safety Car came out and we both came into the pits for new tyres, that made me a little more comfortable for the last stint. This year has been an awesome year of progression for the team. We started the year a step higher from last year and kept going and getting better, and it really is amazing to win at this circuit. I want to thank the team for making this all possible and I’m very grateful for today. After Monaco I had a lot of mixed emotions and it was a hard one to take but I felt as a team we came through that stronger and better. I want to thank my parents and my sister as well for the support they gave me growing up. I also want to dedicate the win to Jules (Bianchi), I have been waiting for a victory to dedicate to him. My life definitely changed since that incident and I am extremely grateful and appreciative of everything I’ve got.”

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