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Mexican GP

Monday, October 30th, 2017

“At the start I did what I could, it was pretty close and there was a lot going on, but I thought I made quick progress. I told Helmut this morning that I would get up to seventh by the end of the first lap, I was a couple of laps off, but I got there and it was all looking pretty good. I think it was lap six when the turbo started to sound strange and then I had no power. I was able to limp back to the pits but that was obviously race over. Friday looked good, things went bad yesterday afternoon and then got worse today. We put the new power unit in last night and now we have a suspected MGU-H failure. There seems to be something fundamental going on with the engines, we’ve been coming here for the last couple of years so there shouldn’t have been any surprises. I guess the altitude and temperatures have been really hard to stay on top of and it’s been a pretty grim weekend for some of us. It’s a shame to be out so early again, I guess this is a little bit of what Max experienced at the start of the year and it’s not so fun. I just hope now that we won’t have to take more penalties in Brazil. I don’t know how I’m smiling and I’m definitely hurting inside but what can I do, I can’t change the situation.”

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El Casco de Daniel

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Daniel Ricciardo will wear this stunning lid for the Mexico GP this weekend. The unique helmet with Jens Munser Designs is Daniel’s first special one off for the Mexico GP. The incredible piece takes inspiration from Dia de Muertos featuring a skull on the top. Even the Honey Badger is keen embracing the Mexican culture by sporting a sombrero and moustache. Stay tuned throughout the weekend to see images of Daniel racing in this master piece.

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Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Daniel has teamed up with Melin, the creators of the world’s best caps, to release a limited edition collaboration cap. Honoring his favourite race and home away from home, ‘The Monaco’ cap is fuelled by passion and inspired by the grind.

“The Monaco” pairs Ricciardo’s design ideas with Melin’s expertise in creating an elevated headwear experience. The cap is constructed from some of the most premium materials available in the world, including imported melton wool, genuine nappa leather and brushed suede. Each limited edition cap comes in Melin’s signature hard display box with an official certificate of authenticity.

When asked about this collaboration, Daniel said: “I had been a fan of Melin caps since I tried my first one on as the quality is on another level. I’m now stoked to be launching my signature hat, The Monaco, with the guys. It was a new experience choosing the materials, colors and styles and one I’m looking forward to going again for round two”

Corey Roth, Melin Co-Founder, said: “Collaborating with Daniel on “The Monaco” was one of the coolest projects we’ve worked on since starting Melin. We love aligning with great people who see the world through the same lens that we do. This cap will always be special to us because we had such a great time bringing our ideas together and creating it with Daniel!”

Brian McDonell, Melin Co-Founder stated: “As soon as I met Daniel I knew we had to figure out a way to work together. Daniel is hilarious, humble and has a deep belief and passion for what he does, as do we. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him on the “Monaco” and it’s great to call him a friend and part of the Melin family. Looking forward to this release and many more in the future. This is just the beginning for us.”

The collaboration cap, called “The Monaco”, comes with an MSRP of USD$150 and is limited to just 300 units produced worldwide.

About Melin:

Founded by two longtime friends, Brian McDonell and Corey Roth in 2013, Melin is a Southern California premium lifestyle brand focused on creating the world’s best headwear through luxury materials, unique designs and relentless innovation. Melin was created to make the best hats in the world, for the best days of your life.

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Monday, October 23rd, 2017

“It’s obviously never nice to be out of the race early. There were a lot of elbows out and you could see a lot of contact, so I wouldn’t have suspected it would be due to a mechanical issue but of course it was disappointing to finish early. I think I tried to get the most out of it today and the laps I raced were fun but also frustrating. I felt that, especially earlier on, we were quicker than Valtteri, but I always had to come from so far back that it was never going to be an easy move. I tried a lot of times to make it stick but could never quite manage it. I wasn’t going to drive behind him all weekend wondering what could have been, so I don’t have any regrets with the moves I tried. It’s just frustrating to not continue that battle. I did enjoy it out there though. Every time I tried to overtake Valtteri he would just slip back underneath me and I thought: alright let’s try again. I think we’ll probably have to take a penalty which means that I will start at the back in Mexico. I’ll do my best to try and charge through the field and you’ll hopefully see more of today in Mexico.”

(video copyright Formula 1)

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Practice with the Cardinals

Friday, October 20th, 2017

Daniel Ricciardo took part in a full two-hour American football practice session in Austin ahead of Sunday’s United States Grand Prix.

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Japan GP

Monday, October 9th, 2017

“Overall the race today was a thumbs up for me. At the start of the weekend I said I wanted to get a podium in Suzuka and I got it. I can’t go back on what I said and wish for more, but I need to look back at the start and the actual getaway as that was what cost me the place to Max and Ocon. The first 100 metres could have been better but otherwise the race was pretty lonely in third place. As fun as this track is on one lap it’s tricky to do much in the race and very hard to follow another car. In the end it was actually nice to have some pressure from Valtteri to keep me pushing all the way to the finish. I felt confident I could keep third place in the closing laps if I drove cleanly and hit all the apexes, which is what I did. I’m happy to spray some more champagne, it’s my ninth podium of the season which is a new record for me and to be in the position that we are now makes me pretty happy. It’s really encouraging for the team to have another double podium, both cars are getting to the finish reliably now and we are also quick. We should be able to put up a good fight in Austin and Mexico and if we can keep this rolling into 2018 then absolutely we should be looking pretty good. All I have to say now is arigatooooooooo Japan.”

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Kendo in Tokyo

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Daniel pulled out his shinai (bamboo sword) and tested his Kendo skills with Red Bull Japan ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend in Suzuka

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Malaysia GP

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

“I enjoyed the race today. At the beginning I had hope that I could finish second but then after the pit stop it was just about holding on to third as Seb was coming. I was always going to get my elbows out and make it as hard as I could but I was surprised that there was only one proper attack from him. Maybe he used all the tyres to get up to me and then after the attack I guess he had some problems. If I’m honest I would have liked a bit more of a fight until the closing stages just to have made it a little more exciting as the last few laps were kind of lonely. This double podium is a very positive result for us today. Obviously Max got the big one and drove well so congrats to him for the win; he drove strong all weekend. There were a few extra bits available for the cars here and I think we’re going to try that again in Suzuka; it looks positive for us at the high downforce circuits.”

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